Maurizio Diaz Armenta

Machine Learning Engineer and Researcher @ 1910 Genetics where I work on ML-driven small-molecule and protein design.

  • Life Sciences: Previously at International Chemical Analysis Inc, Miksovska Lab (FIU), and the Biomechatronics Lab (MIT)
  • Computer Science: Previously at, GoDaddy ML, Microsoft Research New England, and Airbnb.
  • Computer Science: domain adaptation methods, robust validation, unsupervised learning, and graphical neural networks.
  • Life Sciences: proteins, biophysics, molecular dynamics, optogenetics, surgical architectures, and immunogenicity.
  • History: research on forced labour, industrialization, and the 20th-century college. Under Craig Steven Wilder and the MIT & Slavery project.
  • My published peer reviewed work is on Google Scholar. The manuscripts are in the publications tab above.
Most recent interests (as of June 2020): neurobiology, proteins, statistical learning, reinforcement learning, cancer, domain adaptation, game theory, computational chemistry, and really old AI papers.